Sunday, February 16, 2014

How Perfect Anti-American Campaign In Russia Should Look Like

Mr Michael McFaul, outgoing American ambassador in Russia often complained about anti-American campaign waged by state-run Russian media.
I disagree with him as I didn’t see such campaign in Russian media despite random anti-Western bias of some journalists, politicians & most of all Russian people commenting news stories.

Here is my take on hypothetical anti-American campaign how it should look like if it was indeed waged.

It started with a crash, brakes of Michael Hastings car malfunctioned and he suffered terrible death. Suspiciously Feds already were on him, interviewing relatives and friends and in the last moments he was chased by US security forces.

The next day leading Russian newspapers, Izvestia, Kommersant, tabloids MK & KP published front page articles & fiery editorials denouncing hostile to journalists & whistleblowers US regime of President Barack Obama.

Russian media cited sentence to 35 years behind bars of Bradley/Chelsea Manning as proof of inherent hostility of US regime to journalists of Wikileaks and Manning, their source.   

Russian journalists & editors demanded from President Putin’s administration to take actions against US, punishing erring American officials with denial of Russian visas and freezing their assets in Russian banks. it should be called Hastings List.

RBK, Kommersant and other business dailies publish detailed reports on how successive Republican and Democratic administrations with rubber-stamping Congress authorized multitrillion dollar bailouts of Wall Street fatcats and ailing autoindustry, in the process socializing private debts and who knows what bribes American politicians took for such favors.

In weekend shows Russian opposition politicians Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky labeled Obama as thug and his regime as gigantic kleptocracy. Former minister of defence Serdyukov, himself witness in case of budget improprieties under his watch, published tell-all memoirs where he criticized Kremlin but most of all Barack Obama, “who is bad for Americans”.

Same sense of pity & anger pervades Russian news coverage out of US, for example Duck Dynasty sudden demise was widely covered and discontinuation of popular show was widely attributed to the White House and “Obama’s allies” in media.

Obama’s private life ridiculed and pitied in Russian tabloids like Tvoy Den and MK. They published hoary stories about his dark past as gay hustler citing Republican sources in Fox News who knew Obama in youth. His current marital status and why Obamas sleep in different bedrooms also discussed in great detail.  

Outraged Russians post comments to such articles: “Obama is thug, plutocrat, not trustworthy”.

Serious newspapers started writing articles about chilly winds of New Cold War between US & Russia.